Hugo Boss No.1 Perfume for men

Hugo Boss is a German fashion and lifestyle house, founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss.

Founded in 1924

Originating in Metzingen and still based there, the company offers multiple lines of fashions and accessories under the core brands Hugo and Boss.

The company produces fragrances in colabration with Proctor & Gamble Prestige. Fragrances for men and women are offered under both the Boss and Hugo brands. The first fragrance was Boss Number One for men, launched in 1985.

Designer Hugo Boss has 81 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1985 and the newest is from 2017. Hugo Boss fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pierre Wargnye, Ursula Wandel, Will Andrews, Sophie Labbe, Alain Astori, Beatrice Piquet, Annick Menardo, Calice Becker, Domitille Michalon, Ilias Ermenidis, Gerard Anthony, Bruno Jovanovic, Pascal Gaurin, Bob Aliano and Claude Dir.

Boss Number One (1985)

By Hugo Boss

About Boss Number One

The first fragrance by Hugo Boss was launched in 1985. The name was changed in 1998 to ‘Number One’ due to the release of a new Boss. The fragrance contains notes of bergamot, honey and patchouli.

Boss Number One fragrance notes

1. Top Notes

Bergamot, Lavender, Sage

2. Heart Notes

Honey Jasmine, Rosemary

3. Base notes

Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss.

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Vendor: Hugo Boss

Type: Eau De Toilette Spray

SKU: 417574

A Shrine Of Miracles and Abode Of Eternity 

The world famous Shiva temple which is regarded as “Abode of Eternity” and “Southern Kailash” of Kaliyuga. Suitated at on top of hillrock Periyamalai (Great Mountain) at Injimedu village, Vandavasi taluk, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Destoyed temple 500 years ago and Shive linga left alone

The ancient temple is said be destroyed, due to battle between Vijayanagara Emires and Deccan Sultanates 500 years back Taalikota battle (1565).

Ancient temple been destroyed due to battle between Hindus and Deccan sultanates

Tallest Shivalinga

The Hillock is located in a isolated remote village. The deity is very elegant, vibrant and attractive. Among the Hillock Shivalingas, it may be the tallest. It is said Lord Shiva himself performed penance on top of this greatest and tallest mountain of Krithayuga.

Linga is of 5 feet 6 inches and the matha Parvathi devis idol of 6 feet

This temple here is more than 2500 years old. The Mythiest Lord Shiva is suitated here in the names of THIRUMANI CHERAI UDAYAR in the form of idol Linga, along with his wife Matha Parvathidevi in the name of THIRUMANI NAYAGI. Shiva Linga is of 5 feet 6 inches and of Matha Parvathi is 6 feet.

A Spring Tide

Even now there exists a Spring Tide (fountain) on top of the Hillock. It’s a Holy water which has the power to heel many diseases. And it’s been bottled and distribute to devotees. The Miracle here is that the King Cobra is guarding the Spring Tide (fountain)


This Ancient temple is considered to be existing from Krithayuga as per the available Mythological and Historical records.

Mythology has it that the wedding of Lord Shiva with Parvathidevi was performed at Mount Kailash, the eternal and etheral Abode of Lord Shiva. All the Devas, Rishis, Saints, along with Lord Vishnu and Bramha with their consorts assembled to witness the marriage. As a result the northern part of India sunk in whereas the Southern part raised sky high. There was a huge imbalance and tide. Due to this imbalance and tide Lord Shiva sent Agasthiya Muni to rectify the imbalance, than the Muni Agasthiya arrived to Periyamalai ( Great Mountain) and pushed the Periyamalai (Great Mountain) into the Womb of Earth, than the imbalance was maintained. It is also said that the most of the Great Mountain is inside the Earth, only the head of the mountain is been seen. The saint witnessed the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvathidevi from the top of Hillrock The Amavasya Thithi also commenced from the Holy Hillock.

Nandi as Lord Shiva’s Vahana

The great Rishi Shiladhara’s son Nandi meditated here for the blessings of Lord Shiva  here in Periyamalai. Hence Lord Shiva blessed Nandi and accepted him has Vahana (Vehicle).

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The Best Fragrance Brand

Quality perfumes are not only the product they are symbol of identity

The Best Fragrance Brands


Fragrance that speak to you

Giorgio Armani

The Giorgio Armani aromas are motivated by the particles of nature. Giorgio Armani produces the scent that is timeless and lively. The Giorgio Armani’s men’s perfume has become a timeless reference, the quintessence of the Armani custom. Giorgio Armani’s women’s perfumes are committed to the smart and modern Armani lady.

Calvin Klein

Between love and madness lies obsession. Calvin Klein— 

Eternity Range is a classic scent for any time. By- Calvin Klein— The brand is renowned for its minimalism and timeless style. Calvin Klein perfumes are engaging, enigmatic, reminiscent. Eternity by Calvin Klein is a floral scent excited by the idea of enduring love and intimacy has redefined the aroma world with fragrances and colognes

Christian Dior- 

Your Explosive Dior

Dior perfume, named for the designer’s sister Catherine. And was launchedin 1947 with the introduction of Miss Dior perfume. Dior has a broad range of scents and colognes for men, women, teens and even babies. The perfume collection includes Addict, Pure Poison, Miss Dior Cherie, and J’adore perfumes for women.


Fragrance for women and men.

Burberry perfumes are sensual and addictive. British luxury fashion house, classifies on and distributes trench coats, fashion accessories, perfumes, sunglasses, and make-ups.  You can shop with us from a wide range of Burberry Perfumes

Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega      The fragrance larger than life.


$108.75 $115.00

Vendor: Viktor & Rolf

Type: Eau De Parfum Spray

SKU: 515330

1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray – $108.75                                                

Bon Bon Perfume by Viktor & Rolf, Just as sweet as the confection it is named after, the bon bon fragrance by viktor & rolf is a perfect choice for expressing your flamboyant and adventurous side. Wear this 2014 creation from viktor & rolf to indulge yourself in its ethereal amber, caramel, orange blossom, jasmine and mandarin orange note blend during the day, afternoon and evening. This fragrance pairs equally well with office attire, weekend shopping outfits, evening formal wear and late-night avant-garde designer pieces.

The fashion house, Viktor & Rolf was established by Dutch designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Viktor & Rolf founded the female scent Flowerbomb in 2004 and the male fragrance Antidote in 2006. Bonbon perfume by Viktor & Rolf is a timeless sensation. The self-indulgent time belongs completely to Bonbon woman.

Quality perfumes, symbol of identity.

we can not ignore the importance of transmitting a certain identity, and a quality perfume can bring great value to those who wear it in this respect.

Perfumes and other Fragrances been loved by people since early Ages, fragrances can be found everywhere, from scented candles, to all your favorite bath and body products. There are many reasons why people wear perfumes, but after all, it boils down to the fact that they make us feel happy. The reason we feel happy is deeply dependent on the individual, but can range from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to show individuality through fragrances.

“Choosing perfume is a very individual thing, not only because your tastes are different from others but also because a perfume will slightly change when it touches and reacts with your skin”

When meeting new people, when doing business, or even when socializing, we treat the new people based on limited information we extract from the stimuli we receive. We read the different signals transmitted by every person, and then decide the way in which we will relate to them in the future.

Someone who neglects their image or personal hygiene is projecting information about their values, which can be extrapolated to other aspects of their life,

Thus, wearing quality perfumes send a very clear message about those who use them. From their first smelled Top notes – The scents that are perceived immediately on application of a perfume. Top notes of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They form a person’s initial impression -. It says that they are people who will not settle for just anything, for whom appearances are important, that they know how to relate to others and understand the importance of interacting socially with others.

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The projection of an identity that is attractive both personally and professionally is the first step in distinguishing successful people who are at the top of the tree from those that swim in the sea of mediocrity. Therefore, those who believe that the impact of a perfumes is irrelevant are making a very superficial analysis of all that is associated with it.

Quality Authentic perfumes are often advertised as luxury items. Not because they are products available to a select few, but because it is only a small group within society which is able to look beyond and understand the connotations that lie behind a perfume.

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$45.38 $70.00

Vendor: Bentley

Type: Eau De Toilette Spray

SKU: 517634

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The Best Fragrance Brands


Restore youthful vitality and radiance to the skin.

The Luminesce anti-aging skin care line restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your unique glow. Dermatologist developed, these hydrating formulas include the exclusive, proprietary APT-200, maintaining younger, smoother, and softer looking skin.

Luminesce Serum Review – Want proof of what the Luminesce skin care line with its adult stem cell rejuvenating factors can do for you? See these wonderful results after using the Luminesce Rejuvenating Serum on half her face for 30 days. This is why we call our serum our Liquid Gold!

Demonstration of products

To maximize usage, lightly spray your face with water before applying the Serum. Apply to your face, then your neck, and then spritz your hands with water and use the remaining Serum on your fingers and palms to rub into the backs of your Hands. I have had a severe sensativity to any products I have tried over the past two years since developing Atopic Dermatitis. Luminesce is the first product I have been able to use without having any Problems at all.


This post you will find information about a product called

“Luminesce by Jeunesse”.

Luminesce is one of the latest skincare products released by Jeunesse that aims to target the adverse effects aging has on the skin. Many factors contribute to aging skin outside of mother time too, from the UV rays produced by the sun to lifestyle choices such as drinking –even chewing gum can cause the development of lines around your mouth!

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Jeunesse Global is a passionate company to redefine youth through revolutionaryproducts and life-changing opportunities.  

We call our collection of products the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). Y.E.S. was carefully developed by our Board of Scientists to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of skincare and supplements you won’t find elsewhere.

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Jeunesse Global  is not the same old story of skin care and supplements. We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and financial freedom.

Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, we help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.

We call Products the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). Y.E.S. was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of skincare and supplements you won’t find else where. We are redefing youth.