Do You Dare “Curious”

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The very first fragrance with Elizabeth Adren launched in September 2004 was “Curious”, which broke the company’s first week gross for a perfume.


“Do You Dare”, was the tagline. Is a women fragrance by Britney Spears for Elizabeth Arden. Spears reportedly earned $52 million from the endorsement. It was #1 fragrance of 2004, in the department stores and in 2005. It was also honored by The Fragrance Foundation as the Best Women’s Fragrance. 

The Curious women is romantic, independent and mischievous, one who’s not afraid of risk. Notes reads like this, Louisiana Magnolia, golden Anju pear, Lotus flower, Tuberose, Star Jasmine, Pink Cyclamen, Vanilka-infused musk, Sandalwood and Blonde woods. 

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The nose behind this is Claude Dir

Elizabeth Arden puts a special Vanilla infused musk and Louisiana Magnolia.

Spears said that the Magnolia reminds her of home.

The fragrance was shown in Spears music video “Circus

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Fantasy After Sunset

Get prepared for “fantasy After Sunset“.

Representing the fantasy of summer paradise at anytime of the year.

Sunset Fantasy from Briteny Spears

Sunset Fantasy

Sunset Fantasy is said to be launched in December 2017. This is conceived as a sensual and romantic, addition to a collection with a floral-fruity composition on an Oriental woody drydown. 

The note are new fragrance is like this:-

  1. Top notes: Ruby red grape fruit, Italian mandarin, Sweet apple,
  2. Heart notes: Peach, Rasberry leaf,bOrange blossom,
  3. Australian Sandalwood, Vanilla moheli, Amber, Steamed milk forth

The is available as a 100ml eau de toilette.

Britney Spears is an American singer, dancer and Actress born on 2nd December, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, louisiana. She was just stage actress and TV shows on a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997. Hers first and second studio album are Baby One More Time(1999), Oops!…I Did It Again(2000), which was International success and broke International sales records.
It’s was in the year 2004, she joined hands with Elizabeth Adren and released her first fragrance “Curious” and became runaway best-seller, making this brand one of the most successful celebrity-endorsed brand in the market.

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Women’s Weekend

This really touched me, even though it’s obvious! Can’t wait to pick up my boy from school! Thanks for sharing Alisa. Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

Don’t just waist your time, at weekend. Enjoy with your love one’s, get together, outing gathering and so on with


Weekend is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. Launched by the design house of burberry in 1997.

This  powdery fragrance is dedicated to weekend. A relaxing country style perfume, 

Top note: sweet and zesty mandarine and aromatic grassy 

Heart note: blue hyacinth, iris, nectarine, peach flower, red cyclamen and wild rose.

Base note: perfect blend of sandalwood, cedar and musk. 

It was created by Nathalie Lorson in 1997.


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Electronic Duo by Cling

A female -fronted, electronic duo from the UK, which has accomplished many feats in their career; some milestones major and others personal.


Cling started her music career in the year 2006, and spreading the music through CD. It well received by fans too, which are also been boosted, countless radio shows.
Pushing herself harder, started top music venues in Europe playing live in 2007.

Proceeding with music videos in 2010, Beyond Your Dreams, which reached upto 47k likes on YouTube in less than 2 weeks.

With a vision to reach out as many people as possible through social media or network. To introduce their unique, female – fronted electronica and to capture the attention by releasing forward -thinking and unique tracks.

This chilled trip- hop track, with sensual, hypnotic vocals, is sure to put you in a trance and make you want to hear more. Luna_C VIP remix will be released soon.

Cling’s Luna_C

A video with some beautiful footage of the moon, along with the lyrics of latest single Luna_C Remix sit back chill and enjoy

Get Wild With Halle Berry

“The essence of a woman is in body and soul and becomes more sensual in nature.” Newest fragrance, that you wanted to go deep into the rainforest where you could capture the primal richness of nature in an effortless scent.”

by:- Halle Berry

Seventh perfume in a row in summer of 2014. Was launched by Halle Berry

               Wild Essence for women

                        By Halle Berry

A very sexy and sultry combination of fresh citrus notes and white flowers, wrapped in sophisticated and light woods of sandalwood and patchouli. Composition reads this way.

 Fruity floral perfume created by Halle Berry with perfumer Claude Dir and Givanudan. Together they released it in 2014.     

An enchanting blend of notes that will capture your heart.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes: Sicilian bergamot, black currant and mandarin. 
Heart notes: freesia in bloom, linden blossom, cotton flower and white roses. 

Base notes: Silky musk, white patchouli, crystal amber and sandalwood.


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Vendor: Halle Berry
Gift set with these:-

  1. 1 oz Eau De Parfum Spray 
  2. 2.5 oz Body Lotion 
  3. 2.5 oz Shower Gel

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry Perfume – Former beauty queen and fashion model, award winning actress and perfumer are all titles that American born Halle Berry is known by.
Known to customize fragrances by mixing scents for her personal use, Berry signed with Coty Inc in 2008 to produce perfumes under her own name. Taking an entire year to perfect, Halle by Halle Berry was not introduced until 2009. A very natural yet sensual perfume, Halle, is very casual and reflective of the outdoors with spicy aromas and gentle woods. Halle Pure Orchid released in 2010 and is a powdery, musky scent with a touch of sweetness to round it off. Reveal by Halle Berry was also introduced the same year and is reminiscent of a bouquet of elegant florals with a touch of fresh fruit and musk to ground it.

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Good morning #world

Let the morning #breeze and #light (after the day of #karthikadeepam) bring #enlightment to all friends, your family, your work overall to whole #world #peace and #happiness

Blingaiahhj Gowda
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Secret Of Miracles

No more Secrets… You are your own Miracle !

Miracles is a new fragrance which reveals the power hidden inside of you and gives you the secret to embody your own Miracle. Bigger than life, reveal yourself and make it happen.

Everybody has secrets. Watch as Lily Collins is willing to reveal some of hers to you. If you thought you knew her well, you might be surprised. Watch the video                    

Miracle Secret 
A new interpretation of its fresh floral perfume Miracle from 2000.

Miracle secret is the new fragrance for women launched by Lancôme.

Miracle Secret is announced as 

“a fragrance to empower women and make Miracle happen in their everyday lives.”

Actress Lily Collins is the face of the campaign. 

Composition focuses on the note of jasmine grandiflorum combined with green, botanical facets of peony and fruity accents of rose 
Base is a vibrant woody-amber one that contrasts the feminine floral complex in the heart.

Virginia cedar confers an ultra-contemporary structure and personality. Vanilla accord brings gentle warmth that gives it a tender sensuality. The harmonious whole is subtly enveloped in fruity, soft musks.

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Florence Roberto Cavalli for women

The delicate combination is highlighted by slightly musky hibiscus seeds that add a touch of exoticism and mystery. A radiant and blooming bouquet, blending gentle orange blossom and zesty grapefruit petals.

Its contrasting notes of sweet Blackcurrant and slightly tangy mandarin essence create an explosion of life and energy. The dry-down builds on a luxurious chypre accord: sensuous musk and luminous amber offer an ideal counterpoint to mesmerizing patchouli.

Roberto Cavalli has launched Roberto Cavalli Florence. Inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany, the Italian fashion brand presents its new fragrance for women.

 The notes of “Florence Roberto Cavallifragrance for women reads like this,

Top Notes : Mandarin, black currant

Heart : Orange & grapefruit blossom, hibiscus seed

Base : Patchouli, amber, musk


The Roberto Cavalli Florence woman reflects this perfect combination of audacity, beauty, and sensuality. Naturally elegant, effortlessly sophisticated, she radiates with charm and unassuming confidence. A luminous ode to the most refined arts, from sculpture to painting, architecture or landscaping, Florence is also known for its fabulous flowers – the name Florence originally comes from Latin Florentia, “flowering”. It is a city of light and delight that harmoniously balances nature and culture, past and present, splendor and joie de vivre.

Fetch your fragrance of “Roberto Cavalli Florence”

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​Instantly Ageless Now Everyone’s Talk Of the Town

​Instantly Ageless Now Everyone’s Talk Of the Town

Miracle microcream has become, Talk Of The Town , now comes in resealabe vial, its an ideal for multiple application. Simply twist off the cap, squeeze a small amount on to finger tips and reseal for future use. Non other than
                 Instantly Ageless™

Instantly Ageless, powerful anti wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging, reviews the skin and minimize the appearance of fine line and pores of a Flawless finish. Immediately tightens and smoothens the skin appearance, effectively reduces the look of unddr eye bag, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. This velvety cream reveals visibility toned skin in just two minutes! This revolutionary eye reviewer delivers amazing youthful result that last up to nine to ten hours.

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Continuation of microcream 

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A perfect day starts with perfect skin.
Jeunesse Instantly Ageless formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of minerals. This microcream specially designed to target areas which has lost elasticity revealing visibility toned, lifted skin. Users have seen dramatic results in seconds, people call it the best anti wrinkle cream for eyes over.
Benefits of Jeunesse Instantly Ageless
Dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags.
Instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Diminishes the look of enlarged pores.

Great for everyday use.

Dermatologist-tested & recommended.

Formulated for all skin types.

Best-seller, with a cult following. More than 50 million applications sold worldwide.
Did you know you can apply Instantly Ageless to multiple areas on your face?



  1. Using your finger, apply thin layer by patting a small amount to targeted areas.
  2. Once applied, hold still until dry (2-3 minutes).
  3. Fanning the area helps speed up drying time.

Want instant beauty and lasting results?
Now you can have that! The Instantly Ageless vial is small enough to be tucked into a bag, purse or pocket, and carried with you wherever you go. Never run out or be without Instantly Ageless!
Instantly Ageless™
5 strips of 5 multiuse vials


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