Holding its own with remarkable distinction and character. Impeccable taste and the warmth of the sun, the hallmarks of Azzaro Pour Homme. This latest creation embodies them too.


The enigmatic epitome of elegance with a telltale glint in his eye of the magical moments that may await. With the wave of a hand, feel the magic of Azzaro Pour Homme Black Edition embody the vision of that irresistibly debonair man.

The Black Edition Eau de Toilette takes its cue from the ultimate in men’s formal attire, the black tie dress code of the well-dressed English gentleman. Striking from the tip of its mesmerizing bottle, then entrancing as the Mediterranean trail penetrates the senses. The essence of male seduction.


                         New Bottle    ‎

A seductive bottle with a manly, clean-cut, sensuous design. Positively captivating. The power of seduction is overpowering – it’s hard to resist the urge.

Azzaro Pour Homme Edition Noire (or Black Edition) is a new flanker of the classic original Azzaro Pour Homme from 1978, launched in Fall 2017. The new fragrance reportedly represents an elegant man of exquisite taste, charismatic and nonchalant, dressed in a formal black suit and tie.

“into a new realm of freshness and intensity resulting in a trail of irresistible charm”. With the botanical notes of the Mediterranean. The composition is described as fougere-citrus-woody, “unmistakably sensual, fresh and rugged” with notes of bitter orange, armoise and cumin.

Top notes: bitter orange, lemon, sage

Heart: artemisia, geranium

Base: cumin, iso-e-super, vetiver, coumarin

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