10 Celebrity Fragrances Most Purchased From Perfumesets.us  1) Beyonce Heat Perfume by Beyonce, 

​1. Beyonce Heat Perfume by Beyonce.

The top 10 Celebrity colognes and perfumes that you’ll love to add to your fragrance collection as many of our customers did.

PerfumeSets.us community is always looking for the most renowned perfumes and for the best smelling fragrances to seve you people best

Beyonce, Singer, actress, and one of the most famous performers in the world has her own fragrance.

Pop diva Beyonce, launched her first perfumes HEAT in 2010. Name of the fragrance was inspired by Beyonce’s tour and performance.

HEAT is the first fragrance by attractive and talented Beyonce

The Beyonce’s temperament was depicted through the whole concept of the fragrance, from name and design to composition.

Top notes: Organised with red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach.

Heart notes: Its passionated with honeysuckle, almond and muskycream.

Base note: Finishing was ornamented with sequoiawood, tonka and Amber.

Catch the “10 celebrity fragrances most purchased from Perfumesets.us 2

 2) Between Us Perfume by One Direction, 

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